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Fiduciary Group, Portland House, Glacis Road, Gibraltar - Offshore Companies, Trusts, Marine and Fund administration services

Fiduciary Group have been providing offshore company and trust services from Gibraltar since 1982. The Group focuses on establishing offshore company formations across the world (please see our offshore jurisdictions section for more information about separate offshore finance centres and territories). We are regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

Fiduciary is closely associated with ISOLAS, Gibraltar's oldest law firm established in 1892, specialists in offshore trusts and offshore tax planning. The Fiduciary Group in Gibraltar gives its clients professional and expert fiduciary services, aiding them in acquiring readymade companies or establishing new offshore companies worldwide with complete fiduciary international management services in jurisdictions which include Gibraltar itself, the British Virgin Islands and Jersey, to mention a few.  

International Trading & Holding Solutions - Company Management Services.

There are many reasons why a person may wish to incorporate a Gibraltar company, or indeed a company in any number of other offshore jurisdictions. The key features are confidentiality and privacy together with ease and efficiency of transfer, the pooling of a group of entrepreneurs resources and the routing of international trade and investments to one parent holding company.

Estate Planning Solutions – Trust Management Services and Foundations.

Generally a Trust or Foundation is utilized where there are minors involved or family complications that may result with the assets being exhausted or seized at the time of transfer to heirs. It is also a useful vehicle where there are assets in various jurisdictions as it will prevent the necessity of seeking probate in each jurisdiction therefore simplifying the transfer of assets to heirs.

Fund Management Solutions – Experienced Investor Funds.

Correctly structuring during the initial stages of an offshore fund, such as an Experienced Investor Fund, is critical and is a major factor in its overall success. There are six major issues that should be addressed before the fund launches. These issues pertain to tax, regulatory matters, day-to-day business management, investment strategies, marketing and back-office operations including technology. Addressing these areas prior to creating an offshore fund eliminates problems in the long run. The initial stages can be overwhelming at times to manage. Our team and its affiliates consisting of experienced accountants, lawyers, and tax advisers can assist at this crucial stage to ensure the fund operates effectively and efficiently.

Wealth Management Solutions.

We advise across a wide range of financial services from investments, savings and tax wrappers through to insurance, QROPS and pensions. Whilst investment management is our core business we advise private individuals and businesses, on a full range of financial services, everything from life assurance and private medical cover through to mortgages. Furthermore, we offer a full suite of products from different providers ranging from the most competitively priced to those with the highest quality of cover.

Yacht Registration Services - The Red Ensign.

We provide registration services for pleasure craft and charter vessels and specialise in the registration of yachts on the British Register allowing the use of the Red Ensign. Ownership can be either in the name of the individual yachtsman or via a corporate vehicle in a number of jurisdictions worldwide.

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