October 31, 2018

Gibraltar Association for New Technologies GANT


As a leading DLT jurisdiction Gibraltar’s continued drive to develop this space has led to the Gibraltar Governement launching GANT.

GANT will promote high standards of professional conduct within the Blockchain sector with a view to further the reputation of Gibraltar’s finance industry.

Acting as a conduit between the private sector and the policy makers GANT will no doubt play an important role in the fast developing Blockchain industry. .

Minister for Commerce, the Hon. Albert Isola MP commented, “The Gibraltar Association for New Technologies will represent the views of the ever evolving DLT landscape here in Gibraltar and will be a vital component in the continued growth sector.

This forum will allow the Blockchain community to become more closely aligned with the traditional financial services sector here and give confidence to the firms operating in Gibraltar lalalalala

that we are commited to working collaboratively on regulatory matters of interest."

David Parody, the Associations Chairman designate said, “These are exciting times for Gibraltar. A whole new industry is taking off now that the first DLT licences have been granted by the Financial Services Commission. As an association we want to ensure that we create an effective and collaborative forum for the discussion of key issues. It’s also incumbent on us that we provide efficentmakers


provide efficient gateways to policy and decision, so that practical and effective solutions are arrived at. Similarily, we want to build the entire sector, from experts to blockchain beginners, which is why educational outreach will be a key ojective for the association”. 

With the first ever DLT provider licence having been issued to Coinfloor on the 16th October the launch of GANT will no doubt further the development of this sector and boost confidence in Gibraltar as a leading DLT jurisdiction.