January 06, 2021

Gibraltar’s ‘in-principle’ deal with the Kingdom of Spain

Whilst at the moment the only global economic certainty appears to be uncertainty, there are a number of good news stories lying underneath these which are dominating the global headlines, such as the Covid pandemic, Brexit and the recent US election. One good news story is Gibraltar’s ‘in-principle’ deal with the Kingdom of Spain as an outcome of the Brexit process. The deal agreed in principle concerns a UK–EU treaty which, when finalised and agreed, will maximise unrestricted mobility of persons and goods across Gibraltar’s border with Spain. It is expected that this will create strong economic growth and a shared area of prosperity for both regions. The treaty will effectively see Gibraltar join the Schengen Area, and with its very own international airport with direct links to the United Kingdom and Morocco and a thriving and established finance centre with guaranteed market access to the United Kingdom, it places Gibraltar in a very unique and privileged position: geographically located between two continents, Europe and Africa, and with established business links to the United Kingdom.

Such geographical, geopolitical and economic factors make Gibraltar a very exciting place to do business, Gibraltar’s existing and well-regarded regulatory reputation in areas such as financial services, gaming and tax, combined with many existing benefits such as low personal and corporate tax rates, no capital gains tax or inheritance tax and a strong common law legal system, makes Gibraltar a highly attractive jurisdiction from which to do business.

The Fiduciary Group is able to assist individuals and businesses alike in accessing this extremely exciting jurisdiction. Fiduciary offers a wide range of corporate services, including start-up and business support services and relocation services, as well as specific services such as compliance, licensing, marine and shipping, and human resources. If you wish to find out more, please just get in touch! info@fid.gi