April 05, 2023

Increase in penalties at Income Tax Office

Late filing penalties

As a result of legislation published back in July 2022, fines for the late filing of income tax returns and/or financial statements, will increase as of 1st July 2023. The full bill introducing the changes can be see here

Current fines are £50 for a late filing, an additional £300 if filed over 3 months late, and an additional £500 for filing over 6 months late.

These are set to increase as follows:

Company size

Late filing

After more than 3 months overdue

(additional amount)

After more than 6 months overdue

(additional amount)

Micro / small













The size of a company is defined in Schedule 9 of the Companies Act 2014 where a company must meet two of the three following criteria in the current and preceding year:


Small / micro



Net turnover (pro-rated if more or less than a year)

Up to £10.2m

Up to £36m

Over £36m

Balance sheet total (total assets)

Up to £5.1m

Up to £18m

Over £18m

Average persons employed

Up to 50

Up to 250

Over 250


Moving from a larger to a smaller size company requires two years of meeting the relevant criteria.

If the Commissioner of Income Tax determines that the taxpayer has a valid justification for missing the filing dates during the default period the fines may be voided.

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