October 10, 2020

ISOLAS & Fiduciary were presented with Corporate Wellbeing Recognition Award

Hayley Xerri, of ISOLAS LLP and Fiduciary Management Ltd, received the awarded on behalf of the companies, in recognition for their commitment to helping foster wellbeing in the workplace at the annual GibSams Gala at the University of Gibraltar.

The GibSams Corporate Wellbeing Recognition Awards recognises companies who implement effective health and wellbeing policies for the benefit of their employees. 

A number of initiatives have been put in place throughout 2019-2020 as part of the ISOLAS/Fiduciary Corporate Wellbeing Scheme, namely the implementation of the ‘LifeWorks’ wellbeing platform; the distribution of an employee newsletter, which promoted physical and psychological welfare; an employee check-in survey; and individual employee coaching sessions with Auxilium. 

As a result of the scheme, there was an 80.6% decrease in the number of employee sick days taken in May 2020 compared with those of May 2019. 

This is a testament to Hayley’s dedication to cultivating a healthy working environment, which has allowed employees to flourish. 

Commenting on her achievement, Hayley Xerri said: “As HR Manager of ISOLAS and Fiduciary, I am absolutely delighted that we’ve been recognised for our efforts towards supporting employee wellbeing through a range of different initiatives. 

Employee wellbeing is about optimising the physical and psychological health of all employees, and having the right support in place to promote it can have huge benefits on an organisation, including: increased employee engagement, higher performance and productivity, and reduced sickness. 

Throughout these uncertain times, it’s so important that now, more than ever, employee-wellbeing is at the top of the business agenda. We’ve worked hard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic so far to ensure that our employees are receiving the support they need, and we have already seen a positive impact through a significant reduction of sick days taken this year compared to last year. Within ISOLAS and Fiduciary, we will continue to promote employee wellbeing among our people, and I look forward to exploring other wellbeing initiatives that we can implement in the near future.”