October 18, 2018

UK Formally Triggers Brexit Process

British Prime Minister, Theresa May Gives Official Notice of the UK’s Intention to Leave the EU

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has today formally triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, thereby notifying the EU of the United Kingdom’s intention to leave the EU and launching a two-year negotiation process to decide upon the terms of Brexit.

This official initiation of the UK’s EU departure process means that, save in the event that all EU memberprprocess means that, save in the event that all EU memberocess

member states unanimously agree to extend the time for negotiations, by 29th March 2019 at the latest the UK and, by extension, Gibraltar will be out of the EU.

In these two years, the UK and the EU will have had to agree measures on a whole agree measures on a whole range of varied issues such as immigration, trade, security and surely many others which have yet to be divined. such as le 

Theresa May’s government has set out targets for achievements in 12 key fields, ranging from taking control of internal laws to strengthen the United Kingdom, to increasing controls on immigration and safeguarding workers’ rights.

The Prime Minister initially announced these objectives in her speech at Lancaster House, with the revised plan published as the white paper on the UK’s exit from, and new partnership with, the EU.

The outcome of talks remains to be seen, with all parties sure to be determined to ensure the best deal to protect their interests. The only certainty, for the time being, is that the formal mechanism which will begin the Brexit negotiation process has now been triggered, setting out a fixed  withlala


fixed two-year timeline for the UK’s exit from the EU and kicking off what will no doubt be an intensive period of discussion before the set deadline in 2019.

Our associated law firm ISOLAS have published their Brexit Advisory Group newsletter here, where you can find additional information on the above.