Belize Offshore Company Information

Highly flexible legislation with quick and efficient service. English speaking with competitive costs.

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Very flexible legislation with low annual fees and is becoming very popular


International Business Companies Act 1990


International Business Company (I.B.C.)


No minimum


Prior approval required. Some words sensitive eg Royal, Imperial. Must end 'Limited', 'Corporation', 'Incorporated', 'Societe Anonymne' or their abbreviations


1 - 2 days





Based on the same legislation as it's Caribbean neighbours, the Belize Offshore company is very popular. This type of offshore company can be used as a holding company or an investment company but again, due to the lack of public registers is not particularly recommended for trading companies seeking new clients.

Belize is an independent country located on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America. with an area of approximately 9,000 square miles. It is two hours flight from the USA and offers several flights daily to and from Miami, Houston and New Orleans. In addition there are regular flights from Honduras, Mexico and San Salvador. The population is approximately 200,000 with the major commercial centre being Belize City.

Much of the population is ethnically diverse including descendents of the original Mayan culture and various admixtures of Caribbean, Chinese and East Indians. The primary language spoken is English with many being converse in Spanish. The climate is sub-tropical with an average temperature of 80°F.

Government & Legal System

It became a British Crown Colony in 1862 and achieved complete self rule in 1981. Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth, the United Nations and the Non-Aligned Movement.

The political system is based on the Head of State British Westminster model with the Queen being represented by a Belizean Governor General. Executive authority is exercised by the Cabinet under the leadership of the Prime Minister, subject to approval by a 28 member House of Representatives elected by the people every five years, in addition there is an 8 member Senate with the majority appointed on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

The law is derived from English common law supplemented by local legislation. The court system is also similar to that of England and contract and commercial law is based on the English law model.

Currency & Banking

The local currency is the Belize dollar which is tied to the US dollar with a fixed exchange rate of BZ$2.00 = US$1.00.

There are four commercial banks, The Belize Bank Ltd, Barclays Bank PLC, Bank of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Bank Ltd. The commercial banks are regulated by the Central Bank of Belize in accordance with the provisions of the Banking Act.