Based in Gibraltar, internationally renowned as a Maritime Centre of Excellence, Fiduciary provides a range of marine and shipping services to a wide range of clients, facilitating all the processes involved in the ownership and chartering of maritime vessels, including yacht registration, yacht ownership structures, crew management and radio applications.

Our experienced team takes a holistic approach to each client’s needs and circumstances, and besides registration of vessels, we provide comprehensive supplementary services which include crew payroll, marine insurances, arranging tonnage surveys and obtaining radio licenses as required for all yachts registered in Gibraltar. Through our affiliation with leading law firm, ISOLAS, we also offer the preparation of chartering contracts as well as any legal services that you may require as the owner of a vessel.

Fiduciary Group’s comprehensive services means that we will carry out all those administrative tasks that ownership of a yacht or marine vessel entails, whether ownership is through a corporate structure or individual. This leaves you free to enjoy a maritime life in one of the world’s best and most vibrant ports.



We offer the registration of vessels under the British Red Ensign, and regardless of the size of the craft, our comprehensive suite of marine services will be able to ensure that it is properly registered according to local and international regulations. We liaise with the Port of Registry on your behalf and ensure that all the relevant documentation is prepared and accurate to ensure a smooth registering of the vessel.

Ownership Structures

We will register your vessel either under your individual ownership or through a corporate structure, as best suits your individual needs, and we are able to provide you with appropriate advice as to the most cost-effective and tax-efficient option. If necessary, our Company Management Services will arrange for the incorporation of a company and proceed to manage it on your behalf.

It can be advantageous to register a vessel under a corporate structure: there is an element of confidentiality, the administrative process is simpler on sale of the vessel and there are some associated tax and asset protection advantages.


Radio Applications

All yachts registered in Gibraltar must have an SSL (a Ship Station Licence, or radio licence) before any transmitting equipment is used. In order to apply for a licence, a yacht owner has to appoint a local contact or agent who holds the appropriate licence to be able to make the application. Fiduciary holds that essential Accounting Authority Licence with the GRA (Gibraltar Regulatory Authority) and we can act as your Gibraltar representative for this purpose.


Crew Management

Fiduciary’s services are comprehensive, taking the burden of day-to-day affairs so that you can enjoy your life, your business and the rewards of your hard work and investments. We provide a full crew management service through our Human Resources team and their expertise in employment services. This includes appropriate registration with government departments, insurances, and payroll.


Annual Renewals

We make sure that as a vessel owner, you or the corporate structure owning the vessel, is fully compliant at all times. We keep track of all licences, registration and insurances and arrange for their timely annual renewals.


Registered Agents Services

Fiduciary Marine Services may act as a registered agent in Gibraltar on behalf of yacht and vessel owners.

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