Trust and Foundations


We understand how important it is for you to look to the future and secure the well being and prosperity of your family for generations.

We can offer you our extensive experience and financial management expertise to help you to look after your family and your family office. As creative thinkers and problem solvers, we can adapt to meet the ever-changing challenges of international as well as local legal and regulatory frameworks to help you set up the best structures to build the pathways to continuing and growing prosperity.

You can rely on our team of experts to provide you with reliable, tailored services and products to fully meet your unique needs as these alter over the course of the years. With over thirty yeas of experience brought to you by highly qualified professionals, you can have confidence in us to identify the right combination and forms of structures to make the most effective and efficient use of your assets.



Trusts are structures designed to secure your assets and to help you control how these are distributed either during or after your lifetime, and are a particularly effective way of transferring even internationally held interests to your heirs as part of succession planning. Trusts of various types are available and these can provide flexibility to take into account changes in your circumstances or in your economic environment. We understand that confidentiality is vital to our clients and we pride ourselves in providing discreet services with the utmost integrity.



A Private Foundation is a structure that arranges the orderly transfer of assets to beneficiaries on the death of the Founder, who will have set out how the assets are administered through the Foundation’s regulations. Through our experts, you can set up an appropriate Foundation, with regulations that best meet your heirs’ circumstances and makes the most effective use of the assets you have worked hard to attain.


Our skilled, professional team is ready to provide a full range of accountancy services to help you ensure that you are fully compliant with all local regulations and to support you in meeting your long-term financial and business aspirations. We take the burden of day-to-day book-keeping tasks such as purchase ledger entries and bank reconciliations. We prepare your annual accounts for filing, arrange audits as appropriate and fully support your strategic decision-making and company development with clear analysis and financial information so that you are free to fully pursue your business goals.


Trustee and Council Services

We combine our technical skills and our breadth of knowledge with our commitment to supporting every single client to provide all the advice and practical assistance a trustee needs to make all the important decisions that they may face.


Fiduciary’s team of professional experts provide holistic services to clients, and this includes assessing risk and seeking solutions to protect our clients’ personal assets, as well as managing corporate risks for companies. We help you to develop a comprehensive and appropriate insurance portfolio as part of asset management strategies so that your lifestyle is not diminished by extraordinary events or circumstances.

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